Story Behind My Painting, "Organized Illumination" from Fractal Series

So all of the work you see here is digital art that I print to different media such as paper, canvas, wood, acrylic or metal. My work looks really good on acrylic or metal. 

This world is my world. I belong here and for me, it is sacred and alive. I live in this world with reverence, respect and deep appreciation. I do not see things or objects isolated from each other. I see patterns, And when it comes to nature, I see complex patterns which are often fractals. And I believe this is one of the reasons we find great aesthetic enjoyment and healing in nature. Think of the difference between being in an old growth forrest and a high-tech office where all the lines are straight and clean. One is full of fractals, The other isn't. Think of Jackson Pollock or Mondrian. One has what scientists studying him called "fractal expressionism". The other contains patterns that might be described as artificial or simply geometric and far removed from nature. 

For me, I'll pick the fractals every time. So I'm all in with Jackson Pollock. Fractals are patterns that recur on finer and finer scales, building shapes of complexity. So I have found nature to be a wonderful place to study fractals and this painting along with others in my Fractal series reflect what I have found. 

Another big influence on me is ancient Chinese thought. Specifically the thought that comes from a very old sacred text called the Neijing from which all traditional Chinese medicine is derived. I'm also fond of the Taoist teachings. The Chinese didn't see a world of things either. They saw patterns of change and movement. In fact, for them the world could best be described as breath. And they saw this movement and pattern of breath at every scale – in the cosmos as well as in our biosphere down to the microscopic level. It was all breath. And this movement was describe as yang and yin - the expansion and contraction that make up the movement of everything we see and experience. When this movement was in harmonious relationship it created . . . wait for it . . . that's right . . . "organized illumination". 

So I hope you will enjoy this painting and others in this Fractal series. I may add more to it as time goes on, and I hope next time you are in nature you will appreciate the beauty of fractals. You'll see them everywhere!